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                    科目: 來源:湖南省衡陽市2019-2020學年七年級下學期第一次月考英語試卷 題型:完型填空

                    Who's the most popular (受歡迎的) cartoon character (角色) in China right now? It _______ be Peppa Pig. This little girl pig is a character on the British TV show Peppa Pig.

                    The _______ is about the everyday life of the Peppa Pig family members. It is mainly (主要地) _______ pre-school-aged children (學齡前兒童). But many older _______ have become fans of the show, too.

                    Her favorite activity is to _______ in the mud (泥巴). She can spend all day doing this. Many Chinese parents have a new _______ their children jump into the mud after watching the show. The show's stories are simple, but _______ . For example, one of her stories goes on like this: Peppa is _______ because she doesn't know how to whistle (吹口哨). She _______ her friend, Suzy Sheep, to ask her if she can whistle. Suzy says she can ________ it. She succeeds (成功) on her first try! Peppa feels even worse! She stops talking with her friend on the phone.

                    Peppa isn't perfect, but she is very real. And that makes the show quite popular.

                    1.A.mustn't B.can't C.may

                    2.A.show B.book C.movie

                    3.A.for B.about C.with

                    4.A.pigs B.actors C.children

                    5.A.live B.swim C.jump

                    6.A.job B.worry C.rule

                    7.A.boring B.funny C.difficult

                    8.A.happy B.unhappy C.lucky

                    9.A.calls B.writes C.e-mail

                    10.A.play B.work C.try


                    科目: 來源:湖南省衡陽市2019-2020學年七年級下學期第一次月考英語試卷 題型:閱讀單選

                    Many apps are a part of our daily life. Here are some of the most popular apps.

                    Ctrip is a booking (預訂) app for traveling. It can be helpful when you find it hard to buy cheap plane tickets or train tickets. It can also help you book hotels at great prices.

                    Baby Bus is a good friend for children under three years old. Kids can learn numbers with the help of this app. They can also learn speaking and drawing with it.

                    For foreigners, Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Ninchanese can help them learn to read, write and speak Chinese while they're playing games.

                    Tik Tok allows its users to watch, make and share videos. To make the video, users need to pick the back-ground music from the app's music library first. After that, the app will record (錄制) for 60 seconds.

                    1.Ctrip is a useful app for________.

                    A.learning Chinese B.traveling cheaply C.watching video

                    2.Who might like Baby Bus most?

                    A.Kids under 3 years old. B.Children between 6 and 10. C.People of all ages.

                    3.For those who want to learn Chinese, ________ can be very useful.

                    A.Baby Bus. B.Ninchanese. C.Tic Tok.

                    4.To make a video on Tik Tok, user need to ________ first.

                    A.learn to play the guitar B.pick the background music C.share a video

                    5.Which of the following is TRUE?

                    A.We can't play games on Ninchanese.

                    B.We can learn how to dance on Baby Bus.

                    C.We can record a one-minute video on Tik Tok.