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                    科目: 來源: 題型:


                    1. five (序數詞)  2. twelve (序數詞)

                    3. nine (序數詞)  4. twenty (序數詞)

                    5. four (序數詞)  6. when's (完全形式)

                    7. thirty-first (簡寫形式)  8. third (簡寫形式)

                    9. 2nd (完全形式)  10. 8th (完全形式)


                    科目: 來源: 題型:


                    () 1. three father

                    () 2. March party

                    () 3. that these

                    () 4. birthday city

                    () 5. August autumn

                    () 6. game cake


                    科目: 來源: 題型:

                    三、聽錄音,完成下列對話。(聽兩遍) (12分)

                    A: is your birthday?

                    B: It's on the of .It's the Children's .

                    A:   do you do on your birthday?

                    B: I have a birthday with my and grandparents.Then,I with my friends. We have a lot of .


                    科目: 來源: 題型:

                    二、聽錄音,選出正確的應答句。(聽兩遍) (分)

                    () 1. A. It's Monday. B. It's nine. C. It's on the second of May.

                    () 2. A. It's Saturday. B. It's the first of May.

                           C. It's the 31st of April.

                    () 3. A. Maybe it's on the 22nd of February.

                           B. Maybe it's on the 10th of October.

                           C. Maybe it's on the 7th of September.

                    () 4. A. June. B. July. C. September.

                    () 5. A. She usually has a birthday party.

                           B. She is cooking in the kitchen.

                           C. She has a good time.


                    科目: 來源: 題型:

                    一、聽錄音,根據所聽內容給下列圖片排序。(聽一遍) (8分)


                    科目: 來源: 題型:

                    六、 書面表達。 


                     My birthday


                    科目: 來源: 題型:


                             Jack is a lovely boy. He is four years old. His birthday is on the third of March. He usually has a birthday party with his family and friends. His cousin Ben,comes to his birthday party every year. He always gives Jack some lovely things. Today,Jack has his birthday party. They play games together happily. Soon,they want to play with balloons,but there are no balloons at the party. Ben says to Jack ,“Here's a box for you. Open it!” Jack opens it and says, “Oh,look,they’re balloons. They are so nice. We can play with balloons now. Thank you,Ben."

                    () 1. How old is Jack?

                       A. 5.   B. 6.   C. 4.

                    () 2. When is Jack's birthday?

                       A. It's on the thirteenth of March. B. It's on the 3rd of March.

                       C. It's on the fourth of March.

                    () 3. What do they do at the party?

                       A. They play games. B. They play with balloons. C. Both A and   B.

                    () 4. What's in the box?

                       A. There are some balloons. B. There are some balls.

                       C. There are some sweets.


                    科目: 來源: 題型:

                    3. cat,out,the,door,then,comes,from,the (.) (連詞成句)

                    4. door,open,how,I,can'the ( ?) (連詞成句)


                    科目: 來源: 題型:

                    2. He usually eats noodles at his birthday party.(對畫線部分提問)

                     he usually do at his birthday party?


                    科目: 來源: 題型:


                    1. My sister's birthday is on the first of July.(對畫線部分提問)

                    is birthday?